Invitation to EUHFC 2023

After last year’s cancellation for a very well known reasons, you are again kindly invited to take part in the EU HF Championship contest organized by Slovenia Contest Club (29th in a row), first Saturday in August – 5. 8. 2023.

We were listening to the contesters voice and we are now adding 3 new experimental categories in response to the suggestions of the participants: SINGLE-OP-UNLIMITED, SINGLE-OP QRP and ONE-BAND (160m – 10m) – please, check the rules for more information.

Experimental category for the purpose of interpreting new rules means exactly the same as the existing categories #1 – 6, with the remark that new categories are introduced in EUHFC 2023 at the request of competitors and those categories will remain or be abolished depending on the interest and number of logs in these new categories.

Please check new EUHFC 2023 rules

EUHFC remains a 12 hour race with high rates, starts at 12.00 UTC and ends at 23.59 UTC.

Only Single op categories, EU – EU contacts count, interesting mults – last two digits of the year of operator’s first ever official amateur radio license, no exception regarding Special Event, Contest calls etc., exactly the same rules apply as written above, operator’s first ever official license counts as valid exchange (SWL license counts as well).

Contest rules, all previous results, on-line certificates, contest records… are published on EUHFC home page

All submitted logs in Cabrillo format must be uploaded from the Log Submission page no later than 48 hours after the contest (Monday 23.59 UTC).